Terms & Conditions

The following information is important as it provides an overview of our terms of services, which we recommend you review.

Betablaster software is not officially from Whatsapp or Facebook. It's completely unofficial software. our software is made for notification purposes only. so spamming on our software will lead to a number-ban issue. beta blaster is not responsible for that.

Due to unofficial beta blaster software, it can stop working in between while WhatsApp software is updated. but our team will sort out any issue in 15-20 days. we assure our users that we update our software regularly as per the WhatsApp algorithm.

Betablaster secures no refund policy for any reason if users use a single msg. if the user has not used any single sms in the first 3 days. then he is allowed a refund. after three days, there is no refund policy.